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Who We Are

The Humble Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, currently applying for charitable status, based in the United Kingdom, and founded by Muhammad Tim Humble and Basak Omar. The work that we do is dedicated to the service of Islam and the Muslim community, both in the UK and around the world, through a number of unique and exciting projects.

Our Mission

To establish a leading charity, true to the Islamic principles of humbleness and humility, with the aim of making a difference to Muslims both locally and in the wider world, through unique projects, delivered with excellence.

Our Projects

We have a number of exciting projects scheduled for 2015. You can read about each project on its own dedicated project page, listed below. New projects are starting all the time, so keep updated by following us on twitter.

The Humble Foundation Qur'an Project - Target: £10,000

One of our first projects - in shā' Allah - is all about attaching our hearts to the Qur'an, and making the Qur'an easier to read, learn, and understand in the English language. We're commissioning a short tafseer of the Qur'an, free of restrictive licensing, as well as working on a new translation, and setting up a website to inspire and motivate people of all ages to read, memorise, and understand. Read more...

Allah's Names - Target £5,000

One of the most important things that every Muslim must have is the knowledge of Allah's names and attributes. However, there are still many misconceptions with regard to the names of Allah and their meanings, with many people learning the names of Allah based upon a weak hadeeth, which contains several mistakes. There is also a need for a concise and easy to understand explanation. We recently acquired the domain, and have compiled a list of authentic names, as well as a list of names that are not authentic. The meaning of the authentic names is being added, and we hope to develop materials, such as posters, and high quality calligraphy for distribution. Read more...

New Muslim Support - £No Cost

New Muslims around the world face significant challenges. Many struggle to find the support that they need to get to a stage in their new life where they are comfortable on their own. There are already some fantastic new Muslim projects, which vary between local, national, and global reach. However, there still exist many problems, and many areas of supporting new Muslims which have not been adequately covered. This project is aimed at developing a brand new website to address some of the most significant needs, with a strong social media element, so that wherever new Muslims are in the world, they know there's a place where they can get help and support from people just like them. Read more...

Welcome to Islam - £No Cost

Welcome to Islam is a spin-off from New Muslim Support, being developed in association with Kalemah in Dubai. The aim is to produce a series of informational videos, using infographics and 3D modelling, for the first week of a person's life as a new Muslim. The material is to be converted to multiple formats (print, video, audio, etc.) and hosted on our newly acquired domain The ultimate goal is for small business cards to be produced with the website address that can be given out to new Muslims, either on their own, or as part of a new Muslim pack. All content will be provided free to Islamic centres around the world, to redistribute in whatever way best suits their needs. The final goal of the project is to have the work translated into multiple languages. The official launch of Welcome to Islam is scheduled for the Dubai New Muslim Summit, hosted by Kalemah at the end of 2015 in shā' Allah. Read more...

The Ideal Masjid - £No Cost

We want to help make our local mosques amazing places to be! By sharing best practice, and supporting innovative ideas, we hope to inspire mosques of all sizes to serve their communities more effectively - even if they have limited resources. Our first part of the Ideal Masjid will be to launch a website where people can collaborate and share knowledge about how to make our mosques better places - from photos of great ideas, to policies and procedures, and advice from experts and specialists. Read more...

Legacy/Completed Projects

These projects are projects that you might have seen on our website at some point in the past. They're not actively being pursued right now, and the status of each project can be seen at the end of the description in bold.

Prophetic Medicine Q & A Website

There are currently hundreds of people seeking additional answers to ruqyah related questions from Muhammad Tim's website, primarily through email. While the email system is a lot more efficient than the previous system, it's not nearly as good as it has the potential to be, and it remains inefficient, with response times only increasing as time goes by. Many answers have the potential to benefit thousands of people, as opposed to only benefitting the one person who asked. This project is aimed at developing a Q & A website, specifically for questions relating to prophetic medicine. This project has been moved over to a private project, sponsored and administered by Muhammad Tim, and hosted on the new website. This is being done as part of an effort to have a clear distinction between Muhammad Tim's private work, and that of the Humble Foundation, as well as to take advantage of the existing traffic to, which is not part of the Humble Foundation.

The 1kappeal

The 1kappeal is all about small amounts of money that make a huge difference to people's lives. Run as a trial project earlier this year, we raised over £1000 privately for a brother in desperate need. We hope to challenge the misconception that there are no people living in the UK who are deserving of charity. After finishing four complete fundraisers, we have temporarily put a hold on the 1kappeal, so that we can see how best to take the project forward in the future. We continue to give this project priority when we receive zakāh donations, as it is the only eligible project.

Supporting Wonderful People

We're not just busy working on our own projects, we're supporting wonderful people and organisations around the UK. Our current fundraising drive is for a women's centre in Bradford, supporting young Muslim girls, as well as new Muslims and vulnerable Muslim women; providing education and training, Islamic classes, sports activities, counselling, and more! Fundraising for this project has been delayed in shā' Allah until the beginning of 2016. However, those who want to get involved can have a look at Muhammad Tim's recommended charities page.

Financial Updates and Policies

We believe that transparency and professionalism are key to the success of our projects. For this reason, we've created a financial updates and policies page, where we aim to provide updates on donations received, where we are spending our money, as well as key policies which relate to the charity and its financial management. Read more...

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