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Donate to the Humble Foundation

We're currently working to expand the number of ways that you can donate, by applying for registered charity status, and then setting up services like Virgin Money Giving. However, this is expected to take a few months to complete.

Our preferred method of accepting donations is by bank deposit or transfer (since there are no fees). Our bank account details are as follows:

The Humble Foundation | Lloyds Bank | 30-93-55 | 55946460 BIC: LOYDGB21307 | IBAN: GB40LOYD30935555946460

Or by PayPal (they charge us a fee, so please only use it if you are outside of the UK, or you can't use a bank transfer or standing order):

Any problems or questions, just send us an email:

Donating to a Specific Project

You're welcome to donate to a specific project, either by mentioning the project name in the bank reference, or by sending us an email on the address above, with the details of the donation. You're also welcome to stipulate conditions, such as ṣadaqah jāriyah, in the same way.

We take our responsibility seriously, and we will only use your donation for the purpose that it was given, unless there is a genuine reason why we can't (such as the fact that what you asked for has already been paid for by someone else), in which case we will try to contact you. If we cannot contact you, and we can't use your donation for the specific purpose that you asked, we will use it for something similar, or donate it to another reliable charity which does the same thing that you asked for.

International Poverty Relief

We do not currently envisage having any projects dedicated to international poverty relief, because there are already so many charities doing this. They need your support, rather than another charity to dilute the work that they are already doing.

Our Zakāh Policy

We take the responsibility of zakāh very seriously, and we do not use zakāh except for those projects where it is clearly allowed. We do not allow zakāh to be spent on anything vaguely termed fee sabeelillāh, rather we hold a strict and limited definition of the things which zakāh can be spent on. Excess zakāh will be passed on to other worthwhile charities, in shā' Allah. If you are donating zakāh, please let us know, either in the bank reference, or via the email above.